About Us


Putri W. Tan

Founder/Chief Overseas Program

Dear Students,

Kami membuka Dynamic Education Group dengan tujuan untuk memberikan layanan jasa konsultasi terbaik bagi siswa yang ingin melanjutkan pendidikan ke luar negeri.

Ciri khas yang ingin kami tunjukkan dari Dynamic Education Group adalah dengan cara memberikan pelayanan secara personal bagi setiap client kami.

Saya ingin siswa dapat menjadikan staff konsultan kami menjadi tempat untuk dapat bercerita mengenai keinginan dan cita-cita kalian, sehingga para staff konsultan dapat memberikan pilihan program pendidikan yang sesuai dengan keinginan kalian.

Dengan semangat itulah saya berharap kalian akan memulai pendidikan di luar negeri dengan pilihan yang tepat melalui Dynamic Education Group.
Kami berharap dapat berjumpa untuk melayani anda!

Terima Kasih.

Our History

Dynamic Education Group was created in Jakarta, Indonesia to create a consulting platform for education and travel for students and professionals that want to continue their formal and/or informal studies abroad and to help accomodate their traveling essentials

Our Services

–¬†Education consultancy for Junior High, High School, Foundation Studies, Undergraduate Program, Graduate Program abroad

– Education Consultancy for language studies abroad

– Skill training and Internship abroad consultancy

– Consultancy for educational vacation (summer and winter short course abroad)

– Visa application consultancy

– Consultancy for private tour/study tour/ personal/ group abroad

– Consultancy for accomondation and relocation (specified in Australia, Malaysia, and a number of European countries including the United Kingdom

Why Dynamic

– D.E.G uses a personal method in giving an educational consultancy that suits the client’s every need

– D.E.G has multiple partnerships with more than 40 institution as a direct partner or as a sub that spread around the world

– D.E.G gives a variety of best quality programs with a wide range of prices that suitable for each client’s budget and choice

– D.E.G uses only reliable consultant that gives a complete information and available to contact whenever a client has some difficulties