Reasons Why You Should Take an Internship Program

Reasons Why You Should Take an Internship Program
08 Aug 2017

1. The Experience


Usually, students are so caught up with their university activities a lot so that they forgot that the real (working) world if very different with what it’s like in the university. This is why Internship is important because students got the taste of what it feels to try what is it feel like to work in real a real company and what it feels like to work in a worker’s environment without having a working contract. Also, internships are a major point plus in somebody’s curriculum vitae.

2. The Networking


Meeting and befriend with new people from a variety of professional background can be a huge advantage. Not only because we can learn about how they get the position that they’re in right now, but also if we made a good impression with these people, chances are they will contact us for a job offering, or even better, hiring us for a position available in a company that they lead or managing.

3. The Money


Now this is usually the number one reason why students are searching for an Internship. Even though not every internships have a salary included in the deal, some of them are.  This could be a good way for students to learn how to manage their own money… or maybe buy a new shirt for once in a while


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